Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday BASH!

Our sweet friends had a combo b-day party for their big girl who turned "3" and their big boy who turned "1" It was an Indian themed party complete with chaps, head dress, a tepee...
 and even war paint on the horse :) Don't think my girl misses a chance to get IN.THIS.BARN. with "her" Hickory :)

 a "real live" tepee... Ali has ALWAYS wanted one and now that she has two kiddies that love the outside just as much as she and her Hubs, seemed like the perfect time! :) Word on the street was that she, her sister and their kids were all sleeping in it on Sunday night! :)
Hostess with the MOST-EST! This girl just knows how to make you feel comfy at her home. We had planned on just popping in for a quick little visit and to drop off our gift but I found that I DIDN'T even want to leave :) I mean, friends, gorgeous weather, animals, food and a water slide right before we left? Why WOULD we? :)

 GREAT cake!
 and the ONLY reason my kid thinks you HAVE a party... for the cake :)
 Yeah for the W family being there :) I am so enjoying commiserating with T during our pregnancies :)
 I mean we REALLY all LOVE this place...
 My girl and her BFF :)
 and then it was time for the water slide!!!!
 Do you think she loved it?
I assure you SHE DID! :)
An amazing day with great friends, food and weather. I love summer! :)

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Mama H said...

(In my best Minnie voice)...Grampa~ Will you buy me a horse?