Saturday, October 7, 2017

MY Fair...

After the cold, dreary, emotional fair with Husband I was OK if we didn't hit "my" fair... my two gals and these two boys... :) They look forward to it EVERY year just like JJ and I did when we were little. And watching the kiddos really IS the best part of the fair!

Miss B in her favorite place... animals to snuggle...

with Nana.

it was fun going around the 4-H building and looking for things that had our friends names on them :)

and seriously. Trying to get these six to smile all at the same time... virtually IMPOSSIBLE.

Shouldn't it be getting EASIER than it was back HERE??

Miss B is just the sweetest with animals. She really has such a love for them and it is so cute to watch her :)

I have no words. :)

Minnie LOVES pizza with me! We've been doing it a LONG time :)
October 2010
and by far the part my girls look forward to... Miss B told me she was going to flip this year like her cousins and sister have in past years... I told her she would do great and not to be scared. She looked me dead in the eye and said... "Mom. I'm NOT SCARED." OOO KKK then...

she rocked it!

this guy is an old pro

and with a little help from the worker and some encouragement from Grampa... over she went! :)

this big girl didn't waste anytime... she amazes me...

after the trampoline we headed over to stand in a ridiculously long bumper car line but it was OH.SO.WORTH.IT. I love BUMPER CARS! :)

As usual we had an AMAZING time with the CountryRents all feeling full and spoiled by the time we walked out of the fairgrounds. Thank you for such a fun tradition for our kiddos to enjoy!

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