Thursday, July 21, 2016


Read at your own risk but also understand if you saw the leg injury from 2014 this isn't THAT bad...
On Wednesday night we arrived home from PA around 8:30PM, after 8 1/2 hours in the car with ONE potty break, no lunch and no dinner.... I walked through the door with my bags, stepped over the sleeping dog and headed to the potty...came out to say hellos to Husband and looked down... uh....WHAT? His foot was completely swollen, his toes were a MESS and he said... "actually this is the best it has felt". He said on Monday at practice he felt some irritation on the top of his foot and it just got progressively worse as the days went on. A pharmacist had suggested he soak it in Epsom salt and take a Benadryl.  He woke up in the AM and it was DEFINATELY worse... I told him to call the Dr. and he was able to get in first thing in the morning. The PCP on call told him he thought some bacteria had gotten in on the bottom of his food and he had an infection. Told him he would check with the Orthopedic doc but if it looked worse the next day he needed to call the Ortho doc. On Thursday night he spiked a fever of 102 and was in SO much pain... (which is relative because the man can pass a kidney stone and just feels funny). On Friday we went to the Ortho doc and he looked at it and said without a doubt brown recluse spider bite. Uh... WHAT? We live in Maine... they are not often found up here.... he started to figure out the timeline and he's pretty sure that he was bit while he was sitting on the bleachers at practice on Monday.... The Ortho doc said "it doesn't look good" and you need go to STRAIGHT to the ER for IV antibiotics....
So Friday we spent the day in the ER with Husband getting poked a million times trying to get blood samples and set up IVs... the good news was that the infection had not spread to his white blood cells and that the ER Doc felt he could be treated as out patient and just come back everyday for NINE DAYS to get his IV drugs.
So...scroll below for the few pics I took... or get off the blog immediately and we'll have happier and less yucky things to look at tomorrow ;)

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