Thursday, August 2, 2012

38 Weeks 1 Day: It's OFFICIAL

Net weight gain/loss: +44ish ~ I was in a different room with an "old school" scale
Maternity clothes: What's the point? They are too small at this point too...
Stretch marks: Yes ~ the skin is so stretched that it feels bruised and actually kinda hurts 
Belly button: OUT-ish
Sleep: I am SOO SOOO TIRED. Sleep is pretty much non-existent, some times I can snag 45 min. stretches and last night I "slept" in the rocking chair from 2-4AM
Baby movement: Yes ~ seems like she's slowing a little bit but she is a strong gal ~ She was pretty active all through Husband's surgery yesterday and I think trying to make herself some more room... yowch.
Food cravings: Nothing this week really...  
Food aversions: Mexican and fries in my oven
What I miss: SLEEP. Just sleep.
Looking forward to: What happened this week (8/2) at the Docs: Her HR was 154, she scored 8/8 on all her tricks and my fluid was 13ish I think. My BP was 100/62. I also met with Loretta and my A1C was the same at 6.1 which at this stage of the game she is MORE than thrilled about. We went over the plan below so that I know (aka Dr. Husband) knows what to do in those 24 hours after baby when my body realizes the placenta is no longer causing a ruckus and my blood sugars drop.
I did get "checked" and I'm just starting to thin and only a fingertip dilated. So...provided nothing happens on its OWN ~ I have OFFICIAL paperwork to be admitted and start our induction NICE AND SLOW on the evening of August 9th. Praying for a slow induction and a body that takes over to have a baby sometime on August 10th :) I cried. I'm so stinkin' happy, excited, anxious, over-whelmed and READY to meet Baby Sister!!!

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