Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Weeks... ALREADY.

You all should be used to my posts about how the kids get too big too fast TOO soon whether they are my own or others but watching my last baby start to be awake more, stretch her froggy legs out a little more and EAT more makes me realize yet again how fast it is going. Ack.

Trying to get our minds around the fact that Daddy is headed back to work on Monday and that the REAL WORLD will be settling in. You all remember how well that went LAST year? Yikes.

BUT... I guess we can't stay hunkered down in this baby bliss bubble forEVER... so what's been going on? Miss B is doing really well... I'd like to get her down to the local hospital for a quick weight check since her ped doesn't want to see her until she's almost 6 weeks old (she was seen at 4 days to check her for jaundice and she was just fine) ~ but I'd say that she's surpassed her 10lb birth weight :)

My body is still healing and that seems like a MUCH slower process this time around... I had the same "damage" done but things def. feel different. Trips in the car longer than 10-15 min. are painful and the thought of going to the "big city" almost brings me to tears. Thankfully I don't have to go there for 4 more weeks :) I'm great if I am standing and able to move around  but then I notice I've done a bit too much...The good news is... I'm on the "just had a baby" diet where you get on the scale and in one week are immediately 22lbs lighter :) And I'm eating like a HORSE :) (drinking TONS ~ Literally gallons of water too :) so all in due time... I just sent my blood sugars to Loretta this afternoon and funny to see that on Aug 8th I was using 80 units of insulin and yesterday I think I used 23 :) Gotta love the burning calories from feeding the baby and the fact that the placenta is not causing a ruckus anymore :)

Miss B ~ you are wearing all 3 month clothes...for real. The pants are a little big but we HAVE to go that route with your onesies and jammies. You do a whole lotta pooping, eating and sleeping which is a fairly perfect infant in my book :) You LOVE to snuggle in the upright on someones chest position and have a nice rest. You are quickly becoming a big fan of your Red Sox binks... not so much on the pack of binks that Daddy and I got you that your big sister liked the best. Showing your differences ALREADY :)

Because I know it will change probably tomorrow... your TYPICAL day starts around 6:50-7:30ish AM, you fill your pants, eat (a challenge I'll talk about in a bit) hang out and have a nap... your big sister loves to snuggle with us in Mommy and Daddy's bed and watch her PBS shows while you eat. You wake up again around 10ish for a repeat of the 7ish schedule :) and again at 1ish and 4ish... we've been seeing more of you awake the past couple of days after that 4ish feeding and I think it is good for you because if you sleep after 4 and after your 7PMish feeding you are kinda a beasty to put to sleep after your 11PM feeding.

This week you gave Daddy a run for his money and tried to party from 11:30-1AM ~ that wasn't so fun :) you are waking up once a night to eat somewhere between 3-4AM and then you TYPICALLY go right back to sleep until you wake up and we do it all over again...

Because of the  "issues"  your sister and I had, I have been a feeding/pumping fool this time around... knowing you are bigger and just wanting to make sure you are well fed. Of course with all the nursing/pumping it doesn't make us very portable so we spent a lot of time at home or in the homes of our family members. Up until just YESTERDAY you pretty much screamed and cried every time I'd try to feed you and while it was heartbreaking I knew that we'd get it EVENTUALLY... and I think MAYBE we've rounded a corner...a few good feedings the past couple of days and Mom able to skip a couple of pumping sessions... I feel like that is progress :) Because of how uncomfortable you seemed while we were trying to eat I have taken you to the chiropractor twice and we will go one more time next week. I think it is helping some and at the least... you LOVE it. You looked like you were in a coma the first time and the 2nd time you slept through the ENTIRE visit :)

We "fondly" refer to you as "0-60" because if you have a dirty dipe or you are hungry... our entire neighborhood can hear you, I'm sure of it. There's no real "fussing" just content or REALLY ticked off :) We try to keep you content :)

You are an AMAZING addition to our family Miss B ~ your Big Sis loves to give you kisses and your bink, your Daddy adores snuggling with you and I am just so THRILLED you are OUTSIDE my body that I think I love you the most! :)


Carol Hamilton said...

Love it; love it; love it!!!! Such good news!

Anonymous said...

Baby N really wants to meet this addition and cuddle with S again. Will she kiss his non Red Sox hospital bink?
I love that she is a big girl!!!! She didn't top this Momma at 10 lb 10 oz though:)

Anonymous said...

SO JEALOUS that she is up once a night...we are still doing 1am AND 4am then up for good at 6:30. Little Bugger!