Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Annual "Ladies" Ornament Swap

The first year we did this it was at my friend Tami's house... that was about 18+ years ago... it started as a women's ministry thing with our church... fast forward, she moved on... both churches and homes... I sort of "took it over"... and it has expanded... one year I had 7 ladies... (I'm guessing two of them I refer to as "Mom/Mama") but this year there were 23!!!!

My living room was full... my dining room table crowded with snacks and treats...

and much fun was to be had!
Fuzzy but Fun! I really DO the party for the girl on the left and the girl on the right... drove an HOUR AND 1/2 TO PARTY WITH US... HOW BLESSED ARE WE?
Such a blessing to me to have all these girls in my home and so thankful for a Hubs who "escapes" with the little ladies....

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