Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Annual HUNT for the Christmas Tree

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Picture overload warning but I just loved them all and the thought that it might be D's last year made me want to capture every moment!

We went back this year to our favorite farm. It was SUNNY, mid-50's and an AMAZING day to gather up our Christmas tree this year. GLORIOUS weather! Clearly the sled still works even on hot pavement :)

Ah this crew... I need to dig through my pictures to figure out really when the two big ones started coming with us but it has been a LONG time. I tease Dawson that next year he's going to be making up excuses about finals and studying and hogwash that is all going to be true!! :(

This girl... functioning on fun, no sleep, party party party weekend and did I mention NO sleep!?

Our faithful (and might I add handsome ;) lumberjack!

While we waited for said lumberjack (because literally NONE of us EVER help poor Husband ;) Dawson thought it would be fun to try jumping off this 3 foot wiggly stump....

and it was :)

even for ME :) bah!

Totally looks like he's pushing me doesn't it!?!? :) Proof :)

Daddy was happy for the "help" this year :)

and the swing...the fun, silly, swing

Trying to recreate swing pics circa 2008

Is this a "happy girl" face or WHAT? :)

"Snow" Much FUN even if there was no snow! Our tree is smaller than we normally do... big giant puppy don't forget... :) but it is beautiful and cozy in my living room now... who's coming over for Christmas movies?

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