Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tough Stuff

Brutal. It's what we expected and what we've endured. These last few months without Bets... going through traditions, celebrating events and living life without her... Brutal.
Living in a house with a 5 year old who knows nothing other than to share what's on her heart and speak what's on her mind about a person she talked to or saw multiple times a week and now doesn't... Brutal. And healing. And Brutal.
We have always celebrated Betsy's birthday on the Sunday before Christmas, her b-day is 12/21 which is also the day we do the annual cookie packaging up day... (by "we" I mean the other C girls in my family ;)
So this year was no different. Except it was. SIL L suggested whomever wanted to participate we would have a little "contest"... take Betsy' PB fudge recipe and make it. Then figure out who made the yummiest fudge.... I took it a step further and got judges... ;)

I asked Ethan and Karisa to come over after church, laid out the tiny samples of fudge with numbers attached (NO NAMES) and they ate worked hard at determining a champion...

but a champion was found... taste, texture, flavor, etc...

and Bri Bri could not be happier! :)

Well done!

The participants ~ SIL L, Bri Bri, Mama, Husband/Minnie, Breanna and the judges, Ethan, Karisa and Daws

and then the cookies... :)

Miss B and I were traveling in the car a few weeks back and she asked about "Aunnie's Birthday"... and how would she know and could she get presents in heaven and we talked about balloons and where do they go when you can't see them anymore? She agreed they MUST get to heaven so I asked if she wanted to send some to Aunnie...I picked them up after work, Mama came over and we all released some balloons in honor of a girl who is CELEBRATING every DAY with Jesus!!!

We sure do miss our girl... these past few months have been nothing short of BRUTAL but leaning on each other, starting new traditions and remembering all the good stuff is what is going to keep us moving forward until we see her again....

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Carol Hamilton said...

So creative!!! So helpful for all in healing!!!