Friday, August 12, 2016


Before we left for vacation we were able to spend some time with who we now refer to as the PA Cousins! :) Such a fun treat to have them at our house for dinner on Saturday night and then worship with them on Sunday... we came back to the CountryRents for lunch and had a wonderful time with them all!

Miss B just loved getting to meet "Sir Charles" :)

and I was so happy to spend time with this guy....

the girls all had a blast together but Minnie was definitely missing their older son who was away on a hiking trip with his grandparents....maybe next year!


and because of some nuptials for Toddy-Hot we got to see THESE GUYS AGAIN!!!! SO HAPPPPPYYY!!!!

SPEAKING of happy... that is basically a bowl full o' lobster with some salad greens under it... how happy was SHE?!!? :)

this kid... packin' away a gigantic adult double cheeseburger with bacon... like grandfather like grandson?? ;)
Love cousin time! LOVE it!

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