Friday, May 4, 2012

25 Weeks (Plus a few days)

How far along: 25 Weeks 2 days
Net weight gain/loss: up 27 according to L&L's scale
Maternity clothes: Uh... yah
Stretch marks: still nothing new thank goodness
Belly button: OUT
Sleep: LOVE it. Last Saturday night I slept SOOO good ~ it was amazing how much better I felt on Sunday just having a GREAT night's sleep
Baby movement: Yes and I LOVE it! Though I do have to say this girl is not NEARLY as active as I remember Minnie. I know this time is totally different because I don't sit at a desk all day but this girl seems a little more relaxed than Minnie at this stage of the game :)
Food cravings: Cocoa Pebbles. All it took was one bowl with milk and a crazy blood sugar after and I think it cured that craving. Even NOT PG I can't eat cereal and milk ~ can't manage my blood sugars so it just isn't worth it
Food aversions: Mexican and fries in my oven
What I miss: being comfortable :)
Looking forward to: another quiet week of no Doc appts before we get to see Miss B again on the U/S :)

I have struggled this week with my blood sugars. Loretta and I have been emailing back and forth tweaking and making adjustments to my pump. I've had, for ME, too many highs and she doesn't want too many lows so trying to find another balance for this part of the PGCY has been the goal the past few days.

Not at ALL great pics but I feel TERRIBLE about how few belly shots I have this time around so I had to grab SOMETHING this AM


capener said...

Ahh such a cute little belly! :0

Mama H said...

Very cute belly indeed. And I chuckled at your aversion...not because you have a food aversion...but that today is Cinco De Mayo! HAHAHA...Mexican, anyone??!!??

Carol said...

You look so adorable!!!