Friday, May 18, 2012

27ish Weeks ~ Miss B

How far along: 27 Weeks 2 Days
Net weight gain/loss: Up 28lbs according to Doc
Maternity clothes: Uh... yah
Stretch marks: new tiny one on TOP of my belly button....WHAT?

Belly button: OUT
Sleep: Big fan...

Baby movement: Yes and I LOVE it! I can start feeling limbs :)
Food cravings: sweets and salad
Food aversions: Mexican and fries in my oven
What I miss: being comfortable :)
Looking forward to: Actually highlight of the week was yesterday ~ Diabetic RN appt, U/S and OB RN appt. that I took CountryMum and MIL to along with Minnie. Fun GIRLS day :)

I was pleasantly surprised with my A1C of 6.0. After the past few weeks of messing around with my pump settings and daily emails to Loretta I was SURE we'd be looking at a 6.2 or 6.4... still always the goal to be 5.8 for me but I was actually OK with 6 :) For the next two nights I have to do a basal check to make sure my overnight settings are OK so at ONE of the points in the middle night I'm up to pee I have to just check my sugar... My BP was 98/62 (Thanks CountryMum :)

U/S was great ~ Miss B is weighing in at 2lbs 7oz and is in the 60%. Her heart rate was 148. The tech kept trying to "wake her up"... I told Husband after.. I think she WAS awake she's just totally chill :) Wondering how that will pan out after she gets here.

The getting treated like a "regular" PG girl appts of only going ONCE A MONTH was fun... but it is over. We are now up to WEEKLY appts and in a few weeks they will turn into twice a week... I should probably ask for gas cards for my birthday :)

This week I also touched base with my L&D RN from Minnie and she passed along her cell and email to "keep in touch" as we get closer to August :) How I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if she was there with me for this baby girl too!!!

Speaking of baby girl :)


Momma S said...

She's beautiful!

Mama H said...

Her tongue is priceless (you know how much our family loves that)...Sugar can't wait to meet her new friend! *wink*