Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fancy Miss Lana!!!

It doesn't get MUCH fancier than a "Fancy Nancy" party for a certain girl who turned THREE! :) OH I remember waiting for news that her Mama was out of labor and then we waited and waited for her NAME! :) Can.not.believe it has been THREE YEARS!!! My girl was psyched to wear her sparkly, fancy attire and she WORKED IT :)

checking out the swing set...
 Three of the fanciest! :)

Love all the cheesy smiles :)

Momma S knows how to throw a party that is for sure :) I asked Minnie what her fav. part was... "the frosting" :) and considering she dipped her "veggie straws" IN the frosting I'd say that's probably true :)
Happy B-day sweet girl! :) Hope YOU enjoyed your party as much as the rest of us! :)


Momma S said...

I think she did have as good of a time. The birthday girl fell asleep while talking to her Daddy that night. Tell mini I have more frosting in the fridge. I'll bring her some :-)

ps. I LOVE the PG belly - toes shot!

Mama H said...

ADORABLE!!! Loved seeing all the FANCY GIRLS get dolled up for the event. So fun!

Momma S said...

The boys were pretty fancy too1 ;-)