Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Minnie's End of Year FUN!!!

The last couple of weeks have been filled with end of the year fun?? :) for Minnie! Last Wednesday she had her Kindergarten concert where she had TWO speaking lines! It was definitely nerve-wracking for her but she pulled through, grew a TON and did an AH-MAY-ZING job! "Bob" And Auntie came along with Mimi to support her and she was THRILLED... even though she pretended not to see us! :)
Photographer in training perhaps??

1st in line because of course she had to go all the way to the top of the risers... I know that's where the "tall" kids go. I was up there too :)

Waiting her turn and I know her belly was just filled with butterflies...

but she TOTALLY rocked it and I was SO SO PROUD!

Auntie bought flowers for Miss B to give to her sister... so sweet....

and I brought her, her fav... I know the way to my girl's heart... sweet treats! :)
**Some of the above pictures are courtesy of "Bob"**

On Friday that week Husband took a personal day and we BOTH were able to chaperone her field trip to the Children's Museum. She had a BLAST!


we were 1x1 with her... no other kiddos in our group because there were so many parent volunteers. Loved it!

and THIS is where my girl is adventurous. Not performing on a stage but competing and using her athletic body to challenge herself....

Love her!
The last few weeks have seemed a little like the first few weeks... changes in her routine and schedule are really tough for my girl who likes her ducks all lined up going the same direction and ON A TIME SCHEDULE. :) But it has been good conversations, growth and working through as we head into a summer of different and FUN....

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