Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall Festivities

Last weekend was the annual apple-fest in our town... it was SUCH a different year... .things cost more $$... things actually COST $$ that have been free fun in the past and our CREW was not all together :( I am not a fan of change... BUT we made the best of it, had fun and think maybe we don't need to tack this onto our fall tradition next year....

Gals had fun and I'm sad I did miss the photo op with the W Crew as we were headed out and they were headed in... a beautiful day to be outside for sure though... beautiful

On Monday Miss B called to see when "she was ava-wa-bull" to go apple picking :) She was trying to ask Grampa when THEY were available but it definitely came out like she has a crazy busy social calendar for a four year old :) He decided we'd go that day since it was supposed to be the best of the week... (and so far he was right... brrr rainy and cold this week)

Happy Everybody!

Too funny not to post them all....

It was a great day getting "trapped" in the Jeep and so fun being spontaneous!

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