Tuesday, September 13, 2016

First days of 1ST GRADE!

The first week of school was CRAZY... Husband had 3 matches and practice at the course (which translated means; it is usually a 3+ hour practice vs. the range when it is 1.5) gals and I missed him and were so happy for the end of the week! :)

Minnie had her 1st day of school outfit picked out for weeks but the weather did not cooperate... it was drizzly and cool and because she was supposed to wear sandals the first day we decided maybe sneakers would be a better choice... so she hauled out her Monks shirt... her new teacher is a St. Joe's alum and I figure someone has to be the Teacher's Pet... mine as well be MY kid ;)

She LOVES LOVES LOVES her teacher and her best bud is in her class so she's having so much fun!

"sporty spice" :)

"MOM take a picture of ME TOO!" :)

we finished our exhausting, crazy, fun, week with a trip to the big city to watch Sky play soccer...

It was super hot but so so nice to just hang with family....


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