Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Berry" Sweet

It was an AMAZING day to celebrate a GREAT girl expecting a SUPER sweet little blessing :) "Yiz" hosted a little celebration in anticipation of "Berry Sweet" O :) Tamarah and I are in the final stretch and it is a race to the finish... we are both DONE! :)
 Gorgeous wild flowers cut from the property...

Super cute give-aways... and yes I DID guess the right amount of diapers in the basket and I DID try to snag them to bring home instead of the yummy triple berry jam... I did think of Husband though and he really IS going through a lot so brought home the jam instead :)
 Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry covered pretzels ~ Strawberry cupcakes in mini-Mason jars for the "thanks for coming" gifts... SO CUTE!

AND THE CUTEST guest ever :)
Please note the biggest smile... the one on the girl who has a nice big boy who SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT....Little less of a smile on the Mom of a 5 week old but still pretty happy she's OUT and then me... oh please Miss B.... come soon so I can get back to things like STANDING during a picture taking session :)

 Sweet Baby C-line all passed out...
Whoever gets to the end first wins? Is that how it is going my friend? :) I have SO enjoyed riding this crazy ride with you... can't WAIT to enjoy our baby girls while our "big" girls continue to grow together...

and the STAR of the show... just as soon as the show as over... Cam-Man slept the whole time during the party enabling his Mama to be the BEST hostess and enjoy her company and as soon as the last guest left he decided it was time to PAH-TY :)
fanTASTIC party "Yiz" :) amazing details, intimate setting and PERFECT weather... Tamarah... can't WAIT to celebrate baby O as SOON as she comes out... unless of course I'm in the hospital with Miss B :)

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Mama H said...

Wouldn't THAT be fun? Both of you at the hospital at the same time!!! SO FUN! SO FUN!!! (Well, the end results would be fun...but the pain in getting there wouldn't be...*wink*)

But just for the both look amazing!