Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crazy Week...

NO ONE wants to wake a sleeping baby... or "big girl" or MINNIE that is FOR SURE!
This week we had no choice though since Husband and I have had SOMETHING every.single.day. Might we be a little busy? Monday normal U/S for Miss B, Tuesday SWEET LIZ came to pick up my girl to take her out for the AM and do FUN STUFF like hit the park, the library and have a picnic in our little town ~ Husband had an eye doctor appointment, Wednesday Husband's surgery is scheduled to PRAYERFULLY get rid of all 8 stones on the left side. The stent he had put in is causing a major ruckus for the guy who knows he has wood to get in, outside stuff he wanted to accomplish before school and taking care of his three little ladies... Thursday it is BACK to the doc for an U/S, RN visit and Loretta check and I think on Friday we might all just COLLAPSE :)

I do know the days are coming when I will implement my "bubble" and we will be hunkered down at home with a teenie tiny for a week or MORE and I am actually LOOKING FORWARD TO IT :)

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